Meet our Team


Registered Nurse

Ciera has been a registered nurse for over 5 years. She has experience working in the emergency room, endoscopy, and hospice care. She is married to her best friend, Spencer, and is a dog mom to the sweetest goldendoodle, Nellie Mae. She enjoys reading, being creative and crafty, spending time with family, and brunch with her husband.


Registered Nurse

Micah has been a registered nurse for three years now. He is also certified in critical care. Micah works two other jobs in addition to Natural Drip. One is a flight nurse here in Fort Smith, and the other in the ICU in Fayetteville! He and his wife recently got married and live here on the outskirts of the city. He always enjoys starting IVs and embraces those who are “hard sticks,” so being able to work at Natural Drip allows him to be able to continue that passion. Other hobbies include going out to breweries, going to the driving range, watching hockey, and kicking back and playing some video games.


Registered Nurse

Thy has been a registered nurse for 3 years. She spends her days working in oncology at a local hospital. She has two fur children, Frankie and Wally. Thy enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and is a major foodie girl. 


Registered Nurse

Amanda is a registered nurse who has worked in the hospital and home health setting. She is a health and outdoor adventure enthusiast. She loves serving her community by partnering with people to meet their goals holistically in clinical and nonclinical settings. In her free time, she and her family along with her dog Roscoe hike for whimsical waterfalls.


Registered Nurse

Debbie is a registered nurse who’s nursing career began in 1979 and quickly detoured from labor and delivery to motherhood and working alongside her husband at Travis Chiropractic for the past 30+ years. Her passions are her family, taking care of people, Jesus, and a healthy dose of Hallmark movies sprinkled on top.


Registered Nurse

Donna has been a registered nurse for over 6 years. She has worked the last 5 years in the emergency department and is pursuing her Masters degree. She has two wonderful boys, Hunter and Brentley, as well as two cute labradoodles, Maggie and Toby. She loves traveling, watching her boys participate in various sports, and a good romantic comedy movie.


Advanced Practice Nurse

Hailey is a board certified family nurse practitioner. She works in community-based palliative care where she helps care for patients who have serious, chronic conditions. Prior to that she worked as a registered nurse for 10 years in both the hospital and home setting. She has always had a passion for healthy living, disease prevention, and holistic medicine. She has been married to her husband, Chad for 13 years and together they have two amazing children. She loves Jesus, sunshine, hiking, scuba diving, and anything outdoors.


Registered Nurse

Misty has been a registered nurse for 26 years. Most of her career was spent assisting with Endoscopy procedures. For the last 6 years, she has worked in outpatient surgery in preop and recovery. Misty has two children- Eli -21, and Ashlyn-18. She loves doing anything that they are involved in. Recently she developed a love for riding the Harley with her boyfriend, James. While working at Natural Drip, she feels like she can use her skills that she already has and combine new skills and treatments to continue caring for patients.



Audra is part- owner of Natural Drip. She is also one of the nurses available. She was a registered nurse who specialized in surgery (pre-op and recovery), until she chose to stay home with her babies. She has been married to her husband, Tommy or Dr. Wood, for almost 24 years. They have three sons, Lucas, Brett, and Seth. She loves doing absolutely anything with her family – going to the lake, sports, trips, and hanging out with their 3 dogs. Some of her favorite things are a great massage and pedicure. Audra has a passion for helping others. Her dream for Natural Drip is to be a place where people can go to feel better, be cared for and listened to! 


CO-OWNER/Medical Director

Dr. Wood is part owner and medical director of Natural Drip. He has practiced OB/GYN in Ft. Smith for fifteen years. His family includes his wife of 24 years, Audra, and three sons. Dr. Wood is excited to be a part of a more natural option to medical care. 



Dr. Travis is husband to Rebekah and is a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner in his other clinics. He is also part owner of Natural Drip. He loves studying how the body works in order to help people live happier, healthier lives. 



Rebekah is part-owner of Natural Drip. She is the one who meets and greets customers, and decorates the clinic. Rebekah is always hoping to make people feel like they are entering a cozy, welcoming environment. She’s a hairstylist part of the month, while being a stay-at-home mom, and working at Natural Drip. She’s been married to Dr. travis (Jordan) for thirteen years. They have three kids: Ezra, Everly and Layla. One of Rebekah’s favorite things is being able to help people, and spread the knowledge of natural remedies. 


Advanced Practice Nurse

Maegan is part-owner of Natural Drip. She has been a registered nurse for the last 10 years,  working mainly with oncology patients. Recently she graduated with her masters degree, and is now a nurse practitioner who specializes in adult and geriatric populations. Maegan has been married to her husband , Josh,  for 10 years. They have 3 boys-Peyton, Jude and Grey. She enjoys being outdoors, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Maegan is passionate about helping people improve mentally and physically, while using a holistic approach. She is excited for people to utilize the services at Natural Drip to support their overall wellness. 



Josh London is part owner of Natural Drip. He is an electrical contractor, owner of London Electric, and husband to Maegan for 10 years. They have 3 kids: Peyton, Jude, and Grey. Josh loves to do anything with his family – going to the lake, riding side by sides, going to games, and skiing. Favorite things include snow skiing and hunting. Josh does any kind of maintenance/repairs at Natural Drip! He enjoys learning about natural, healthier options and remedies, while wanting to help others to live as healthy as they can.